Simple Tips for a better sexual health


In order to maintain good sexual health where one feels the sexual urge and do not have any problem with either the power or ability to get an erection, it is essential that one do not suffer from any serious illness. The latter is not always so easy to obtain but generally speaking, a good health reduces the chance that you suffer from a sexual illness.

Training the penis

How can you train the penis? There are no joints in the penis. That's true, but there are lots of muscles in the penis that no one sees with a naked eye. The most important muscle around the penis is the PC muscle. This muscle will sustain an erection when the penis erectile tissue is filled. If PC muscle is strong, it is easier to maintain an erection for longer. To practice the endurance of the PC muscle, one can try to train muscle a few times each day. To understand how this works, you can try to break the beam when urinating. PC muscle is not only necessary for erection it also has the function to stop the flow of urine.

Exercise Far Into Old Age

With increasing age the potency and the ability to get and maintain an erection reduces. A good overall health as age increases will reduce the sexual problems. If you walk around for 3-5 hours a week it can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 30 percent. Even younger men will obviously benefit from regular exercise. A good heart health and a better fitness means there is more blood in the body and the blood flow gets better.

More recently, the dangers of a sedentary life have been recorded in multiple ways. Just the fact that being stationary on an office chair at work and / or on the couch / bed in front of the television, makes you have a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases. It doesn’t matter how active you are in general. It is the sedentary state that gives rise to risks. If you want to maintain good sexual health, and a good general health overall, you should think about getting enough exercise in everyday life.

Eat Healthy and Avoid Tobacco

Eating healthy is obviously advantageous from a variety of aspects, even when it comes to maintaining sexual health. How will that happen? Well, basically all processes in the body works better if you have enough nutrients in the blood. There is such a wealth of minerals that serves to promote sexual health. If you do not eat a well-balanced diet there is a risk that one suffers from a lack of a mineral. Zinc and magnesium are two minerals you do not want to be deficient of if you want a good sexual health.

Tobacco especially in form of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco smoking has the side effect that constricts the capillaries. Because the capillaries in the penis must be relaxed for the blood to flow to the erectile tissue in the penis, it is quite obvious that tobacco counteracts the ability to get and keep an erection.


Omar Wells