Food and Drug Interactions of Malegra

Malegra is a drug for treating the ailment of impotence in men. Impotence is clinically known as erectile dysfunction and men with impotency are prescribed with this medicine across the globe. This is first medicine that was approved for the cure of this disease. The medicine holds a major share in the annual sale of drugs. Doctors call it boon for impotency. This medicine works by allowing the blood to enter into the specialized muscles of male reproductive organ. The characteristic feature of penis muscles to get hard and enlarged on excitation is called tumescence. Men with psychological erectile dysfunction pass the tumescence test at night and are cured by low doses of Malegra.

It is wonderful drug but there are high incidences of side effects arising from the medicine after abuse of the drug. The side effects occurring after consumption of medicine as prescribed by doctor is mild whereas when the side effects become moderate to severe when men start abusing the medicine and finally such incidences defame the use of the drug.

Like every medicine, Malegra needs some precautions and such precautions are must when to come to drug interactions with food and other medicines. Sildenafil citrate is the main ingredient of this medication and it belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor category of drugs. The drug has to be consumed empty unlike its successor drugs like Tadalafil which can be consumed with food as well, check for details. The absorption of Malegra DXT from the gut gets hindered by the food.

Your doctor will tell you that Malegra must not be consumed along with grapefruit juices. It has to be swallowed with water. One must avoid all juices while taking this drug. It is not that the individual cannot take fruit juices during the course of treatment. One must avoid juices especially grape fruit juice 8 hours before and after taking the dose. If you are looking to have sex on the weekend avoid taking fruit juices on weekends and enjoy them the rest days of the week.

One must follow another precaution by not using Malegra with drugs called ‘poppers’. These drugs contain nitrates and nitrites as in nitroglycerin, and the drugs are used to treat the unstable angina and other ailments related to cardiovascular system. The nitrates can interact with the Malegra FXT and cause serious drug reaction. Thus, it is advisable not to use Malegra when using “poppers”.

In case of HIV positive patients, protease inhibitors are used. These inhibitors can increase the activity of the PDE5 inhibitors in the body and cause severe side effects. Patients taking protease inhibitors must not take more than 25 mg of Malegra in 48 hours. Erythromycin and cimetidine can increase the plasma half-life of viagra. A class of medicines called alpha blockers when consumed with Malegra can cause low blood pressure but if Malegra is taken at least 4 hours apart, this hypotension may not occur.

Omar Wells